A century year old story

"I remember being six years old, happily running through the old cellar trying to keep up with my father! I am 43 today, and it still feels incredibly the same :)" - Luís

our history

the kiss winery

With more than a century of history and tradition and 40 acres of vineyard and olive trees, Quinta do Beijo (directly translated to "The Kiss Winery") was born from the ancient “Calvário warehouses”, owned by the  family for more than 100 years.

In 2015 our winery was fully renewed, rebranded and refreshed but all our traditional and historical values have been preserved. It was with new family energy that we have rebranded our quality wines and olive oil and opened our winery to the public. 

we're a family business

our team, our family

Before a company, we are a family, a family with a dream built with hard work, effort, dedication, and lots of love.

João Monteiro

the heart

João "John" is the responsible for Quinta do Beijo

He manages all our operations, including the touristic activities that we offer.  

He is fully dedicated to the business and he masters the art of welcoming people to our home. He is a great guide, with fantastic personal and communication skills and he loves to play and to laugh with all our visitors, while teaching and showing our history and tradition. 

Who knows our João will always want to come back! 

Miguel Monteiro

the soul

Mr. Monteiro, as he is known in the region is the family Patriarch. 

He carefully manages all the wine production of Quinta do Beijo, as well as the management of all the acres of vineyard, including the winery operational control. 

He inherited the winery from our grandfather, Luíz de Castro Monteiro, and after producing fantastic Port wines during several decades, he challenged his wife and sons to create a new brand in the Portuguese market, our Quinta do Beijo.  

As a result of his work, conviction, dedication and love, Quinta do Beijo was born and has become in what it is today.

Catarina Monteiro

Catarina takes care of our communication and supports all our Social Media. She also monitors online sales, and her critical eye is always ready for some great improvements at Quinta do Beijo! She supports sales, design and our online presence. You will immediately know when she is around, as she always welcomes our guests with a smile! 

Luís Monteiro

The oldest of the 4 brothers is the responsible for all IT related systems of our winery, including the website and online store. He supports the overall management and any special project we want to develop! Interested in importing our wines? He’ll for sure give you a call!

Mariana Monteiro

The youngest of 4, Mariana is a chemistry engineer that not only supports the harvest and production, but also contributes to sales and customer experience. She has a vibrant energy, always nice and cheerful to everyone that visits us! 


Sara has joined our family business back in early 2023. She performs smiley and happy tours, and she is also responsible for all the backoffice administrative process of the business, including shipping and sales in our winery shop! 

Catarina Mourão

Catarina is our most recent winemaker! You cannot miss her great energy and amazing smile! She supports Miguel and João on all wine production, especially during the harvest season, and ensures that all wines are high quality and controlled according to all the Douro regulations.


You’ll meet Lilía normally during the weekends, supporting João on all our weekend tours.


Dona Maria is our neighbor, she is part of our family, and she is always there to help out when anything is needed! We hope you can taste some of her cooks one day!

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awarded wines

tradicional methods used for generations

It is right in the heart of Douro that we invite you to visit us, to visit Quinta do Beijo!

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In our wine shop, each bottle tells a unique story. Explore what we have to offer and order the wine that will match those special moment of your life