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Quinta do Beijo: A Wine Lover's Paradise!

Nested in the heart of the enchanting Douro Valley, Quinta do Beijo invites you to embark on a sensory journey through our family traditional winery. 

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Immerse yourself in the beauty of our vineyards and hundred years old warehouses and barrels!
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guided tours

Explore the cellars where time and oak barrels work their magic on our wines. You will be in safe hands with João, Lília, Sara and Catarina, our guides are storytellers, weaving tales of heritage and craftsmanship into every step of the tour, and you’ll also ensure a couple of good laughs!
Uncover the secrets of our winemaking process! Wander through the old warehouses and learn our traditional winemaking process. If you are lucky you could even witness the traditional "pisa a pé" in our historic stone reservoirs.

wine tasting

This experience will provide you the opportunity to taste our traditional products. You can choose our DOC wines, Port wines, or even a mix of these, even including some tapas. You can combine wine tasting with a tour, or simply taste and relax next to our garden or wander inside the old warehouses.  From the velvety reds to the crisp whites, each sip is a celebration of the Douro region and our Quinta do Beijo.


Tradition, mystery, history! An experience you will not forget, walking inside an old barrel, take an amazing Instagram picture, and smile with the sense of history! Come prepared... Douro is magical. the rest, you'll have to wait and see!

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grape treading

One of the most expected moments of the harvest season, normally during September and October! Tradition, music, joy and hard work. You will be able to try the traditional grape treading together!

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We welcome wine enthusiasts, curious travelers, and anyone seeking an authentic taste of the Douro. To book your wine tasting or guided tour, simply reach out to us at

Our family and team is here to welcome you and ensure an unforgettable visit.

Come join us at Quinta do Beijo, where every glass is a toast to tradition, passion, smile and the timeless beauty of the Douro Valley.