Welcome to the heart of traditional Port wine production, where centuries-old craftsmanship meets the lush landscapes of the Douro Valley. 

Our Port winemaking process is a testament to the traditional artistry and dedication that define this unique fortified wine.

the harvest season

From the terraced vineyards in the steep slopes of the Douro Valley, the harvest season usually occurs during September and October months, and it is a pivotal moment in our winemaking journey.
Meticulously handpicked by local farmers, only the ripest and healthiest grapes make the cut, and this careful selection sets the stage for our exceptional quality that defines our Quinta do Beijo Port wine. The harvested grapes make their way to Quinta do Beijo, directly to one of our four granite lagares — large stone fermentation tanks.

The "pisa a pé"

The wine will then mature in our French oak barrels located in our Quinta do Beijo.

You will see hundred years old barrels when you visit us!

Time becomes an ally as the wine ages gracefully for several years, absorbing the nuances of the wood and developing unparalleled richness and smoothness. 

Our family, with a watchful eye and a deep understanding curates and blends the wines to maintain consistency and quality throughout the years.

Finally, the Port wine is bottled in our fine bottles according with its type and age. From our red Tawny 10 years, our white Port, and the incredible 50 years old tawny, a culmination of tradition and innovation ready to be savored by you worldwide.
Each of our bottles tells a story of the Douro Valley's terroir, the hands that nurtured the vines, and the passion added into every step of the winemaking process.